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The Hunger #1 Exclusive LTD 250

The Hunger #1 Exclusive LTD 250

$24.99 Regular Price
$18.74Sale Price

A young woman with a haunting past provides for her community and cares for those she loves, in hopes of redeeming herself for her sins. Alora is a hydro officer tasked with collecting the communities most valuable resource, water, and distributing it to the vulnerable members of Hope Springs. One day after a hydro run, Alora's mother becomes ill. Desperate for more water Alora rushes to the springs, only to discover her peaceful days within Hope Springs will never be the same.


Created by Jordan Nigh and written by Garrett Gunn (Good Boy), art by Stan Yak, colors by Robert Nugent with exclusive cover art by John Dagostino. 

  • Limited to 250 copies
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