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Dracula #1 CGC 9.8 Blue Label

Dracula #1 CGC 9.8 Blue Label


Exclusive Variant limited to 1000 copies

MINISERIES PREMIERE THE BIGGEST NAMES IN COMICS RESURRECT THE MOST ICONIC MONSTERS! THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH creators JAMES TYNION IV (W0RLDTR33- Something is Killing the Children) and MARTIN SIMMONDS reteam to tell a new tale of the monster who started it all! When Dr. John Seward admits a strange new patient into his asylum- the madman tells stories of a demon who has taken residence next door. But as Dr. Seward attempts to apply logic to the impossible…his surrogate daughter Lucy begins to fall under the spell of the twisted Count Dracula!


(W) TynionIV, James (A) Simmonds, Martin (C) Walsh, Michael


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